With great privilege comes great regulation.

People are often surprised that there are detailed and extensive laws governing the way we give charity, and to whom we give it.

Starting and Maintaining a Charity in Canada is written for people who work for the good of all humankind. It is intended to help charities maintain compliance with the law while continuing their good work.

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A Must-Have Resource

Starting and maintaining a registered charity is a complicated process for the uninformed. This comprehensive book by Adam Aptowitzer is a must-have resource for all registered, or soon to be registered charities.

National Director, Anglican Network in Canada

For Both New & Established Charities

Canadian charities are rightly focused on doing good works, yet at the same time, attention must be paid to the rules and regulations of the charitable tax system. Adam Aptowitzer's book helps to fill that gap, and will be a useful resource for both new and established charities in Canada.


Resources To Help You Grow

Samples of various forms and documents referred to in the book are provided on this companion website and will be updated regularly.


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